Shellshock, the newest hacking trump card

The latest computer vulnerability that’s been doing the rounds is ‘ShellShock’, a flaw that can be found in a software component in all Linux distributions as well as Mac OS.

In simplified terms the vulnerability can be used to remotely take control of almost any part of the system using the machines Bash interface.

This new vulnerability is a far greater threat than the recent Heartbleed flaw as instead of relying solely on sniffing this gives hackers direct access to your system. To put this into context 500,000 machines worldwide were thought to be vulnerable to heartbleed while with Shellshock it seems that it could affect as little as 500 million.

For those of you that don’t know Batch is a software component similar to windows command prompt that derives from the Unix operating system of which many other operating systems are based off such as Linux and Mac OS.


Several patches have been released on multiple platforms such as Mac OS platforms and VMware services, although in some of these cases security researchers have  been able to use other similar vulnerabilities that have not been patched to similar effects (Mac OS). In the case of VMware they say they are currently in the process of patching all but one of there 38 virtual applications.

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