Three Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Online Security


Change Your Browsing Habits:

First things first if you decide to visit dodgy sites then you will most probably get infected by dodgy material. I normally go by a rule of thumb to avoid certain sites, these being:

  • Porn Sites
  • Flash Gaming Sites
  • Sites That Seem To Good To Be True – “You’ve Won A Free IPad”
  • Hacking Forums
  • Sites including inappropriate content – Like 4Chan

Normally if you improve your browsing habits by avoiding sites like the above then you will be able to miss the brunt of dodgy material on the internet that may be a threat to your security.

Install An Effective Antivirus:

This may seem like common sense but in 2012 a study was done that concluded that 1 in 6 windows user were running their computer with absolutely zero antivirus protection. This isn’t including users who have ineffective antiviruses or anti viruses that aren’t up to date. If you are one of these people that are a part of this quote then check the list below for two pieces of antivirus software that are completely free that you should download straight away to boot your Online Security.

Use a VPN or Encrypted channels 

Stop Others Monitoring What You Do Online – If you’re using  a Wi-Fi Hotspot or even a network that your sharing like a dorm room or a friends house then it is possible for someone else on that network to view your network activity and what you are doing (What sites you’re on, what you just bought on amazon and your amazon login details), although tools that do this sort of network hacking are scarce these days and are normally seen as illegal some are still around and if used at their full potential can be devastating.

One of the easiest ways to get around an attack like this is to use a VPN (Or Virtual Private Network), these normally encrypt all of the data that is sent through them and therefore cant be snooped on by nosy passers by. The main VPN that I recommend is Hotspot Shield. If you are finding it hard to picture how a VPN works then picture a road when you surf the internet normally its like you’re on a motorway where everyone can see your car clear as day but when you use a VPN its like your in a tunnel where its dark and you cant be seen by anyone except when entering and leaving.

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