Top Three Most Common Security Mistakes

One – Repetition Of Passwords

One of the most common mistakes that general users of the internet run into is the repetition of passwords, for example when you created your Facebook account you may of chosen a password along the lines of your pets name and your address. So let’s say for this instance the password you chose ended up being Daisy98, even though this is a moderately good password due to the use of caps, lowercase and numbers the next thing that you decide to do is to make a Twitter account and just rinse and repeat the process.

The main problem with doing this is that if for whatever reason your Facebook password is discovered the person that discovered it now also have access to not just your Facebook account but also your Twitter account.

Two – Wi-Fi Network Passwords

These days almost every household will be using a wireless network over a wired one. Although as always when simplifying things they lead way to a whole new area of security vulnerabilities. The main and most simplistic security procedure that we can implement on our network is to add a password, this may sound simplistic and common sense but in 2010 over 40% of households in the USA were without Wi-Fi passwords.
To change your Wi-Fi password to a stronger password or to simply set a new password for your network is different for each type of router and hence instructions on how to do so can be found in your router’s instruction manual or by Googling your router name. Most modern routers will come with a password already set but it is still a good idea to change your password from the default supplied.

Three – Recovery Questions

Another security mistake that is performed by a huge amount of users ranging from the rich and famous to people like you and I is setting common security questions. A security question is normally created when you create an account with a service of which they may then ask you to set up a security question so that you are able to reset your password in the future. There is a form of hacking that involves the hacker solving these questions while looking up the user in question on social media services like Facebook. This is obviously more effective when hacking celebrities as questions like there mothers maiden name and pets name will probably be in the public domain but hacking attempts like this are still effective on people like us. If you have had a recent falling out with someone or even if a hacker stalks you on Facebook for a while they will also be able to collect this information.

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