Tyupkin Malware infects ATMs

In the past few days hackers in Eastern Europe have gone a step further in their attacks on ATMs. This new approach allows the hackers to remove money from a cash machine without having a fake or stolen credit card at hand.

Working with Interpol researchers at Kaspersky Lab say that they have uncovered the ‘Tyupkin malware’ on more than 50 ATMs. It has also been noted that only ATMs from a specific manufacturer are effected and have to be running a version of the windows 32-bit system.

One of the principle security researchers at Kaspersky Lab had this to say:

“The Tyupkin malware is an example of the attackers taking advantage of weaknesses in the ATM infrastructure”. “We strongly advise banks to review the physical security of their ATMs and network infrastructure and consider investing in quality security solutions.

“The fact that many ATMs run on operating systems with known security weaknesses and the absence of security solutions is another problem that needs to be addressed urgently,”

Graphic From Kaspersky Lab

Graphic From Kaspersky Lab

Original news source: ThreatPost.com
Image Source: Pixbay.com / Kaspersky Lab



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