Everything you need to know about USB-C

Since the Apple press release last week the USB-C port has entered the spotlight. While thats great and all what does this actually mean for you and I, in short not much for now although in the near future more and more devices will be rolling out with these USB-C ports. That being the case what does USB-C do that its predecessors do not.

Smaller And Reversible:

As a start USB-C is smaller than all of the USB types before it, this means that it can fit in the smallest of devices. Such as the new Macbook and even tablets and phones.

Not only that but the USB-C port is also reversible, that means that you can say goodbye to the days of fiddling with your USB ports trying to figure out why it still won’t go in.


Secondly the new USB-C ports give a massive range of versatility that their predecessors simply did not. Not only do they offer HDMI, data transfer, power and several other features but they offer these at levels that before weren’t even possible.

Backwards compatibility:

As of yet no one is ready to make the jump straight to USB-C and therefore the amount of cables out there that will bridge the gap between USB-C and its older counterparts is huge. Thats fine however as USB-C is fully backwards compatibility with all of the previous ports its replaced.

Image Source: Apple

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