What is YubiKing 2015

YubiKey-NEO-+-fingerYubiKing 2015:

The YubiKey is a key fob that can be used with supported websites and software applications that accept two-factor authentication. Two factor authentication means that when you log in you will be asked for both your password as well as your YubiKey.

The guys at Yubico are launching a competition for hackers and geeks to develop a new and unique solution, product or service that incorporates the YubiKey.

The top three winners will receive not only a suite of YubiKeys (including a limited-edition commemorative YubiKing YubiKey) but also $3000. Not only that but these winners will also have their creations showcased at Black Hat USA 2015.

Dain Nilsson a member of Yubico and previous winner of a YubiKing competition had this to say:

This [The YubiKing competition] was the perfect excuse for me to get a YubiKey and play around with it. The rules were pretty simple: Create something that uses the YubiKey and submit it to the competition. I had what I considered a pretty neat idea for a hack, but with several companies entering the competition I saw little hope of actually winning. Still, the promise of a YubiKey for entrants was there. I had no excuse not to give it a shot… My submission lacked polish and was mostly thrown together over the course of a weekend. But it worked, and the idea was novel enough that it earned me one of the coveted YubiKing titles awarded that year.

For more information on YubiKing and for the full list of rules visit their website at www.Yubico.com/yubiking.

Image Source: Yubico.com

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