Windows Hello says goodbye to passwords

Windows Hello was announced recently and is solely designed to say goodbye to the common password. Gone are the days where users remember strings of text and type them into a form on a computer, now its time for our fingers, eyes and face to be our form of authentication.

Microsoft explained Windows Hello as being:

Windows Hello – biometric authentication which can provide instant access to your Windows 10 devices.  With Windows Hello, you’ll be able to just show your face, or touch your finger, to new devices running Windows 10 and be immediately recognized.  And not only is Windows Hello more convenient than typing a password—it’s more secure!  Our system enables you to authenticate applications, enterprise content, and even certain online experiences without a password being stored on your device or in a network server at all.

Its important to bear in mind that technology like this isn’t new to Microsoft and many other companies have tried implementing fingerprint recognition and iris recognition into their products. The question is however if a company such as microsoft can sway the balance in their favor and move users away from the conventional password.

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