Yahoo introduces on-demand password keys

Yahoo has introduced a new password system for their users. Looking at this from Yahoo’s perspective it looks like this system was introduced in an attempt to simplify the login process of their platform. However don’t be fooled in thinking that this is Yahoo applying two factor authentication on the platform as instead it simply comprises of a user clicking a button on the website and receiving a text with the passkey on their phone.

The technology has been described in more detail as follows:

“Once the system is set up, the next time they want to log in, Yahoo users will see a button that says “send my password” instead of a traditional password input field. Clicking on that button will send them a temporary four-character password via SMS.”

The new technology is  superior to the older password system as it stops the user’s password from being stolen or lost from a variety of manners. It does however give way to the user’s phone being stolen, and in turn then being used to activate the users yahoo account.

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