Keep your drinks hot with a Wireless Heated Mug

Every Morning I wake up, pour myself a cup of coffee and head off for the day. The majority of the time however I forget about my coffee and when I get back to it, about an hour later, it’s no longer drinkable.

Design HMI LLC and Green Lama LLC a Kickstarter company have just launched a new and innovative device, they say its a first of its kind and that it will put all of your other mugs to shame.

The device, simply called the Wireless Heated Mug is said to maintain a drinkable temperature between 63°C and 68°C for around 45 minutes after pouring. The device also boasts the fact that each charge can warm up to 7 cups before needing a recharge.

This mug is made possible by the revolutionary nano heat technology that is integrated into the mug. Meaning, no more wires tying you to a heating source. Simply charge your nano mug with the included usb cord in your house, your car or even at your computer. Once charged, disconnect and off you go with a perfectly heated beverage for up to 45 mins. Whether you are in a meeting, on a phone call, taking care of the kids, or running errands, your drink will remain at the perfect drinkable temperature throughout.

They’re currently running on Kickstarter campaign and finish on the 1st of May 2015, so if you like the idea give them your support.

James Stevenson

Im a Cyber Security enthusiast that loves all things to do with technology. I'm specifically interested in cyber security and ethical hacking.

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