Do you trust your Wi-Fi network

Yesterday George Chatzisofroniou, a  security engineer at CENSUS, performed a talk at BSides London. The talk was called ‘Introducing Wifiphisher’, and revolved around his new tool similarly named Wifiphisher. 

The talk started by Mr Chatzisofroniou discussing the premise of Wi-Fi technology and detailing the in depth mechanics used when the technology is in use. Mr Chatzisofroniou continued on these topics for some time and then started to delve into the area of Wi-Fi access points. He brought up this point by referring to the fact that when choosing AP’s it is up to the device client to choose which one they connect to (when two of the same names are present). He continued to say that with most device clients the AP with the highest signal is normally the one chosen. He emphasized the point by stating:

“I can create an access point with the same SSID as my neighbour… If I have a stronger signal he will connect to mine.”

Mr Chatzisofroniou continued his talk referring to several areas and types of Wi-FI attacks, these including De-authentication attacks. He continued to state:

“[Deauthentication frames] are not protected by cryptography… I can broadcast a message in the air and pretend to be whoever I want to be.”

Continuing his talk several other Wi-Fi attack vectors were brought into the spotlight, these being both the ‘Evil Twin’ attack and ‘Karma’ attack. Mr Chatzisofroniou stated that the main difference between these attacks were that the Evil Twin attack created a phony AP modelled by a target AP, while Karma attacks create phony AP’s based off probe requests.

The talk came to a close with Mr Chatzisofroniou bringing notice to his new software tool: ‘WiFi Phisher’. He stated several positives of the software application, including:

  • No Internet Connection Requirements
  • Kali Linux Support
  • Evil Twin Attacks and Phishing Attacks
  • Requiring Two Wireless Adapters
  • Completely Open Source

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