Empowerment in Information Security

Yesterday Dr Jessica Barker, an independent cyber security consultant, performed a talk at Bsides London. The talk was named ‘Power to the People’ and focused on why empowerment is important in the everyday workplace. The talk started with both humor and showmanship from Dr Barker leading to the conclusion of pride, identity and belonging. Dr Barker came to this by stating:

“If you don’t know word for word, if you don’t know context then its just garbage… [Jargan] unifies groups. Therefore making those who belong and those that don’t belong… We use this to build up our pride and build an identity.”

The talk then transitioned into the subject of victim blaming. Dr Barker made the appropriate point that in any situation it is indeed not the victim’s fault but the attackers. Dr Barker then moved these general points into the field of  Information Security and stated:

“[Victim Blaming] It’s unfair and it’s damaging. A user clicks a link or has a bad password and they’re to blame.”

Dr Barker continued on this topic and moved towards the areas of mitigating this and empowerment, she stated:

“How we work with people and how we prime them is very important… To give someone power, a role. To make someone stronger and more confident.”

Image source: Pixabay.com

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