Hola users part of 47 million strong ‘Botnet’

Whats a Botnet? Well in short a botnet is a collection of computers sometimes refereed to as husks. These husks are then used by an attacker to perform a collection of illegal tasks, ranging from DDOS attacks to phishing.

Hola offer free VPN (Virtual private network) services and main commercial income comes from them openly stating that they will use their customers bandwidth when there devices are not in use. Hola also state that such use will be done ‘securely’.

Cyber security expert Professor Alan Woodward, from Surrey University had this to say on the topic:

“The concern with Hola is that it appears to operate like a botnet, and one that is potentially insecure at that… There is mounting anecdotal evidence that the network is being used as a real botnet.”

Original news source: BBC.co.uk
Image source: Hola

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