Powering your Gadgets with eneloop

For several months now HackingInsider has been using the eneloop smart charger. While it was a slow start at first the realisation that the majority of our devices used AA batteries was astonishing. Day to day we don’t tend to notice that the era of inbuilt charging isn’t really here yet and the majority of the gadgets surrounding us will take batteries. These including: Wireless mice, Controllers, Cameras, torches, game controllers and other devices.

The eneloop smart charger is also useful for charging non-eneloop batteries, so if your friend or colleague has a device with rechargeable batteries that need charging then your in luck. The device also supports the charging of AA batteries and AAA batteries.

Battery wise both the eneloop pro and basic eneloop batteries work superbly well and the eneloop pro range work especially well in high drain devices, for example when using camera flashes.

Overall out of all of the rechargeable batteries and battery chargers that I have used in the past I strongly believe that the eneloop range exceeds the others in both build quality, looks and battery life.

For more information on the eneloop range check out the previous HackingInsider article or the eneloop website.

James Stevenson

Im a Cyber Security enthusiast that loves all things to do with technology. I'm specifically interested in cyber security and ethical hacking.

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