The real way to protect your computer from viruses

Viruses are everywhere these days and there are some really nasty ones out there as well. there are the traditional viruses that will try and mine information from your computer such as credit card details but there are also a new wave of malicious viruses that will actually attempt to destroy your computer and your personal data and then hold you to ransom in order to get your data back.

Because of this new wave of malicious viruses there is now lots of advise out there on how to stay safe from viruses and of course most of it revolves around having a good anti-virus program.

Anti-virus is extremely important:

Let’s make one thing very clear – having an active anti-virus program on your computer is extremely important – I have lost count of the times that I have seen people not using an anti-virus program because they think they know better and then ending up with a nasty virus themselves.

Other measures are just as important:

Having said that there are other measures that you should be taking that are just as important as having an up to date antivirus program and they all revolve around due diligence.

1 – Be careful when browsing the Internet:

The Internet is full of viruses and dangerous websites and as such should be treated with great care. when you are browsing the Internet try to avoid unfamiliar sites and especially try to avoid clicking on adverts or pop ups that appear on the various sites that you visit.

2 – Be careful opening email attachments:

Email attachments are one of the most common ways in which viruses are distributed so when receiving attachments do not open them unless you are certain of their origin.

3 – Be mindful of your PC performance:

Your PC or laptop performance will almost always be degraded if you get a virus so keeping an eye on this can often give you the heads up when something is wrong.

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