Top Three Technologies I Couldn’t Live Without

When I think about it there are so many aspects of technology that I rely on every day and that are actually all really amazing in terms of the benefits that they bring to my life.

There are a couple of technologies in particular though that I definitely could not live without and I will cover them in this article including a description of each one as well as the most important benefits of that technology to me.

Smart Phone

My smart phone just happens to be an Apple iPhone and I most definitely couldn’t do without this one – its the device that I use more than any other and it keeps me connected to the world. With the iPhone I can stay in touch with friends, family and clients through a variety of means. I can also keep up to date with the important things in my life including forums, events and the weather. Lastly the phone also allows me to perform much of my job as a systems administrator through the use of various apps including remote access apps, telnet apps and Dropbox.

The Internet

This one may sound like a cop out but the Internet is most definitely a technology that I could not do without and is really a fundamental part of almost any other technology that I can think of so definitely deserves to be in the list. The Internet is something that we all take for granted but is in fact an amazing network that connects out entire world together and enables us to do everything online from browsing websites to keeping in touch on social media and even making phone calls and all of this happens instantly thanks to the Internet.

Wireless Printing

Slightly more mundane but definitely an important technology for me – wireless printing gives me the ability to print from any device (include my iPhone) and from anywhere in the house with extreme ease and no cables. In fact with HP online printing I can actually print to my wireless printer from anywhere in the world.

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