Vulnerability in Adobe Flash patched

Adobe recently released a security bulletin mentioning a critical vulnerability in their product Adobe flash. In regards to the patch Greg Wiseman, a security researcher at Rapid7, had this to say:

“Today Adobe has released a patch to address a critical security vulnerability in Adobe Flash. The vulnerability, CVE-2015-3113, is being actively used in the wild and could potentially allow an attacker to take control of an affected system. The issue affects Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems which have the Adobe Flash browser plugin installed, as well as web browsers such as Google Chrome and newer versions of Internet Explorer that come with Flash embedded in them. In other words, almost everyone with a browser that has Flash support. Users should update web browsers and/or Adobe Flash plugins immediately. Adobe’s security bulletin APSB15-14 states that Internet Explorer for Windows 7 and below, as well as Firefox on Windows XP, are known targets.”

Image source: Adobe

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