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Windows is the family of operating systems from Microsoft, the latest one being Windows 8.1 (Now Windows 10). We tend to take Windows for granted as it is on almost every computer that we come into touch with (unless you are a Linux/GNU fan of course). In reality Windows is a pretty amazing piece of software in itself but it can definitely be made far easier to use with a few useful commands.

In this article I am going to outline 4 commands that can make life easier when using the Microsoft Windows operating system.


This is a great starter and one of the most frequently used commands for me. In Windows I would consider any command that can replace a mouse action as being an extreme benefit and Alt+Tab is one of those. If you have several windows open – for example Microsoft Word and Internet Explorer then holding down the Alt key followed by a press of the Tab key will switch between those windows. If you keep Alt held down and continue to press the tab key repeatedly it will scroll through all open windows allowing you to easily switch between many screens quickly and without the need to move on to the mouse.


Tab on its own is also a very useful command that allows you to move between input areas. this can be especially useful when filling in forms and is one of the commands that I see the largest need for but is probably the least known about. Once again the tab command creates another situation where the mouse does not have to be used.


Alt+F is another great command that will allow you to close the active window. This is very useful to quickly close applications without having to use the mouse.


Almost wasn’t going to mention this one but I thought that would just be unfair – Ctr+Alt+Del is probably one of the most well known commands in windows and also one of the most useful. Pressing and holding Ctr then Alt then Del will invoke the lock screen in windows and will present the user with a few options including a prompt to lock the computer in order to prevent unauthorized access, to log off, to change password and most importantly to open the wonderful Windows Task manager and close those non responsive programs.

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