Top three wearable devices for Android


poster-38825068While other smart watches have come and gone the Moto360 remains as the smartwatch that balanced both good looks and functionality. Its sleek and simplistic design allows for it to blend into almost any dress code, and still be different enough for wandering eyes to pick up on the device. It sports the newest version of Android wear as well as inbuilt Wi-Fi. This means that you have access to the whole Android Play Wearable store on your wrist. You can pick up a Moto360 off the Motorola website for just under £100 these days although keep your eyes open as there may be a newer version on the horizon.

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Moto 360 stays true to the timeless form of the classic wristwatch. A round design maximizes the display area while ensuring a comfortable fit, so you can get the information you want conveniently on your wrist.

Moto Hint:

MOTO-HINT-DARK-FABRIC-540w37iwbteA wearable that many see as a glorified Bluetooth headset is the Moto Hint. The Moto Hint can be used with a selection of smartphones although is best at home with the Motorola lines, specifically the Moto X. The main difference between a device such as this and a smart watch or similar device is the type of output. Instead of being shown the weather on a screen or being tapped on the wrist when following directions the Moto hint will whisper it in your ear. That being the case at the moment these devices will normally not play nice together so if your going out its best to choose one of them. The device sports a handy charging cradle for easy and quick charging on the go.You can pick up a Moto Hint from the Motorola website for just under £85.

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Use Moto Hint for the ultimate experience in voice control. Simply ask and get answers to questions like “do I need an umbrella today?”, “what’s my next appointment?”, or “how far am I from home?” —all without reaching for your phone.

Alcatel One Touch:

smartphoneix alcatel watch 6Sometimes refereed to as the poor mans Moto 360 the Alcatel One Touch is far more than that. With a simplistic and minimal design the Alcatel One Touch looks at home on most people. As well as this the Alcatel One Touch sports a cable-less design, well at least in a sense, as the charging cable for the device is situated in the band itself. At first this can appear to be a disadvantage however the convenience of charging the device wherever you are far outweighs these concerns. The Alcatel One Touch doesn’t use the Android Wear Operating system and so were able to create their own simple ‘One Touch’ interface. That being the case most tasks on the device can be performed with a simple tap on the wrist. You can pick up the Alcatel One Touch from their online store for just under £100.

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Enjoy the freedom of getting all of your important updates right on your wrist. Receive email previews, messages, social media updates and more, all available at a glance.

Image Source: Motorola & Alcatel

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