Through The Looking Glass – The TalkTalk breach

TalkTalk, a company with over £1.7b in assets, was breached by a 15 year old schoolboy with nothing less than an automated tool.

Looking at this you have to think, why did this happen? Firstly, cyber security is not taken seriously within modern day companies. People like to think that nothing bad could ever happen to their company as they’ve got; the best security, the best people and the best cutting edge technology that money can buy. Though this outlook is nothing more than an illusion that needs to be breached, and it eventually will be breached, as TalkTalk have now learned.

One of the main underlying issues is how security, in its ever-growing market, is not embedded into peoples minds when they first start developing new ideas and concepts.

We live in a world where there is literally an internet of trash; TV’s, Microwaves, Traffic lights, cars and countless other devices that are being placed on the internet without even a simple regard to security. You can take a programming course from a range of providers and very few of them will even scrape the surface of security. You can teach a sysadmin how to set up a MySQL server, but you wont teach him how to defend his server from attacks.  In turn something that wiped 300m+ off a companies stock market value overnight, by a fifteen year old, isn’t being taken seriously.

You have to think, what more do people want before the reality sinks in?

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Matthew Gibbs

I'm a Greyhat Cyber Security analyst and enthusiast with a keen understanding of the current cyber security landscape.

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