Three more Duck Duck Go instant answers

Recently we released an article on our favorite Duck Duck Go instant answers. Since then we’ve discovered a good few more that are also worth sharing.

Screen Resolution:

Of the bat the instant answer that I’ve been tending to use the most recently is screen resolution. Simply drag your browser onto the monitor you wish to check the screen resolution of, launch Duck Duck Go and type screen resolution, its that easy. Once you’ve done this you’ll get a message pop up with your monitors resolution.

The Weather:

While a feature that is incorporated into many other search engines, being able to simply type weather into a search engine and be presented with the day ahead in your local area is still a great and simple tool that is handy wherever you are. To search for the weather by you simply type weather into duck duck go.

Lorem Ipsum:

If you work in or with Computing you’ll probably come across a situation where you need a large amount of placeholder text. Lorem Ipsum has always been the best go to in this regard as their text impersonates the look and feel or real sentences. Recently a Duck Duck Go instant answer has been created that allows you to use this Lorem Ipusm text in a few simple seconds. Simply type lorem Ipsum into Duck Duck Go to be presented with a section of this place holder text.

For more information on Duck Duck Go Instant Answers or to create your own check out their Website and API page.

Image Source: Duck Duck Go

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