EA halted after attack by Phantom Squad

An attack that has swooped under the radar the past week is one performed on Electronic Arts servers on Tuesday. Precisely what this involved was a distributed denial of service attack by a group going by the name of Phantom Squad.

The group has been noted as stating the following during mid decmeber, before the attacks took place:

“We are going to shut down Xbox live and PSN this year on Christmas. And we are going to keep them down for one-week straight,”

“Ok, think about this … Xbox Live and PSN have millions upon millions of dollars … but do they use that money for better security?” said another tweet. “No. PSN and Xbox do not use that money to improve their security … So until they open their eyes, Xbox Live and PSN will remain vulnerable.”

Whilst the attack was taking place many frustrated users took to social media, including Redit, to voice their complaints. One of these detailed:

“I can’t load the origin store, I can’t log in to anything that needs my EA password, it tells me to enter the security code from email but never sends it no matter times i try to resend it,”

EA, the company that fell victim to the attack also took to social media. On social networks such as Twitter they warned their customers of an outage on their networks, detailing:

One hour and twelve minutes after the original tweet EA released another statement detailing that all systems were running as usual.

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