Another Handy Website: Find my Android

The Android Device manager (aka: Find My Android) is a great tool built into the Android OS that allows you to locate your Android phone from any web browser. There are several caveats for the manager to work however, including: The phone having access to the internet, its GPS being on and primarily it also being on. It will allow you to perform an array of tasks, including: Ringing the phone, Locking the phone and erasing the phone’s contents.

On their website they refer to the manager as being:

If you’ve lost a device, you can use Android Device Manager to find its approximate location on a map and when it was last used. When Android Device Manager locates your device, that device will get a notification.

Before you can use Android Device Manager to locate your device: Your device’s location access need to be turned on and be signed in to your Google Account. Android Device Manager won’t work for devices that are turned off or that don’t have a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.

URL: Android Device Manager

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