Talktalk using voice recognition over passwords

As Talktalk have announced that they will be using voice recognition in place of passwords as a result of the data breach last year Barry Scott, CTO EMEA at Centrify, has commented:

“Passwords are no longer fit for purpose, and the risks are inherent as TalkTalk has experienced on more than one occasion. Many breaches result from someone either stealing credentials for privileged accounts or someone using credentials internally to gain access to somewhere they shouldn’t have access to.

As an industry, we should be doing everything we can to encourage companies to think about how and why they still use passwords, and encourage them to evolve towards more secure ways to authenticate people, such as biometrics and multi-factor authentication. It’s not just about changing a password, but changing the way people behave. If we do need to use passwords, we should look to back them up with
alternative methods.”

Image Source: Pixbay

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