The Interview, what you need to know

We’ve all been in job interviews and all have our own kinks and traits when it comes to preparing and interacting for them. However if you’re new to job interviews or have been out of the space for some time then this is just the article for you. All examiners have their own traits they look for, however here were going to be running through the bare bones that will keep our heads above the water.


Actually research for your technical interview. If you’re going into a job that revolves around cryptography, research cryptography. If your going into a job that asks for networking skills, research networking skills. If the jobs seeking mathematical training, train in mathematics. …You get the picture.

This may sound simple but it isn’t worth failing an interview by the width of a hair because you thought you new a bit about maths.

Some examples:

If your going into a programming or mathematics position have a look into sorting procedures (like bubble sort) as all companies these days will want to improve the ways in which there systems run. It is also important to bear in mind that knowing of a sorting system like this isn’t good enough, you will be expected to explain how the procedure works and possibly even write it down on paper.

Smile and Be Happy:

Once again this may come off as a given but the amount of people I’ve seen in interviews (in the very few I’ve been to) that look nervous or blank in the face is disheartening (Myself even being on of them in some cases). The problem with this is that even though some interviewers will see this as a fare enough response to an interview your smile and personality (Of which I will discuss in a little bit)  may be the tipping point in getting you the job you’re applying for.

Your Personality:

Continuing from the previous section try to convey a positive personality. Look people in the eyes, smile and try to create conversation. If you are sitting opposite another possible applicant start a conversation (You might see them as direct competition at the moment but in the future they could be a vital college). As a side note to this section, don’t forget to take notes during an interview. After speaking to people that perform these interviews the consensus is that this shows that you know what your doing.

Example of a HR interview:

  • What Inspires you?
  • Think of a time when you have calmed down a situation?
  • Explain a time when  you expressed exceptional communication skills?
  • Explain a time when you have had to explain to a non-technical person a technical area and how did you do it?
  • When have you used team management skills?

Examples of a Technical interview:

  • Explain the premise behind mobile phone technology (in as much technical wording as you would like).
  • Explain to me the premise behind the ways in which email clients function (in as much technical wording as you would like).
  • Explain how a web client would access a website like (in as much technical wording as you would like).
  • What programming knowledge do you have?
  • Have you in the past worked with any database tools? If so what?


Ask Questions at the end of the interview, for example:

  • How do you think this interview went?
  • What part of my CV or aptitude tests brought me this far?
  • Does your company offer any opportunity’s to learn skills outside of the workplace?

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