Lenovo Yoga, finding the right one for you

The Lenovo Yoga 900. Image from TechRadar.

So you want to buy a computer that can also function as both a tablet a laptop, and you think that the Lenovo Yoga series was built for you. The problem is, which one do you choose? The range varies in price from around £300 to around £1000, with each model having slightly different features and traits. You’ve come to the right place however, as we’ve picked out the features that we think matter to you and have compared them against each other.

YOGA 900

YOGA 700

YOGA 300

900 700 300




1.3 Kg

(Just over one bag of sugar)

1.1 Kg

(1 bag of sugar)

1.9 Kg

(2 bags of sugar)

13.3 Inches

(The size of a Vintage Plush Rhino)

11.6 inches

(The size of a Giant Paper Clip)

11.6 inches

(The size of a Wall Clock)

2.5 GHz

(Enough To Play XCOM)

0.9 GHz

(Enough To Play Puzzle Pirates)

1.83 GHz

(Enough to play TF2)

8 GB
8 GB
2 GB
256 GB SSD

(Store 140 Hours of Video)*

128 GB SSD

(Store 55 Hours of Video)*


(Store 1 Hour of Video)*

10 hours

(Drive from Paris to Berlin)

7 hours

(Flight from London to New York)

5 hours

(Train ride from Cardiff to Newcastle)


*Most of the above results have been approximated. Specifications have been based off models found on Amazon, other retailers may vary.

Made your choice yet? Not quite? Well if you haven’t decided which Lenovo Yoga is for you yet have a think on what you’ll be using it for. This isn’t a gaming machine so hardcore gaming’s out the window. Left we have: travelling, office work, recreational use, or maybe something else. Once you’ve decided what you’ll be using the Yoga for have a look through the above again to make your decision.

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