Do you trust your USB to protect your data?

John Michael, C.E.O at iStorage
datAshur Pro | AES 256- bit hardware encryption

datAshur Pro | AES 256- bit hardware encryption

IStorage is a UK company that offers a range of hardware encrypted, pin activated, USB sticks and Hard drives. The company offer a range of devices that require absolutely no software to run and work on: Windows, Linux and Mac.

The devices work by entering a 7 to 15 digit pin, if the pin is correct the drive’s data will be accessible, while if you enter the wrong pin 10 consecutive times the encryption key will be deleted, in turn making the encrypted data useless.

At InfoSecuirty Europe 2016 we had a chance to talk to John Michael, C.E.O at iStorage, and discuss the products security. The question was posed, that while the device is encrypted with AES 256- bit hardware encryption, what physical tampering protecting did the device sport. John commented:

If someone wants to get into this drive, they physically have to break the drive. Once they get in all the components are covered with a layer of epoxy resin. So if somebody manages to remove the epoxy, which would be very difficult because if you try and remove the epoxy it actually damages the components, and use an electromagnetic microscope to get to your encryption key. They’ll find that this encryption key is also encrypted. It’s impossible to hack… In theory nothing’s impossible, but we’ve proven that nobody’s been able to do it.

For the full interview with  John Michael listen to it at the end of the Soundcloud version below.

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