Surviving Infosec, with just the clothes on your back

So Infosecuirty Europe 2016 has come and gone, with some great talks, panels and stalls along the way. However let’s not forget the real hero of the show, the reason many people visit the exhibition. If you thought we were talking about the high quality networking and human interaction… You’d be wrong, we’re obviously talking about the swag you pick up on the way. For those of you unfamiliar with the term it represents the trinkets, items and branded merchandise people pick up at conferences and exhibitions. While not planning on bringing much home from the event the Hacking Insider crew managed to collect over 20 t-shirts between them. This got us thinking, what if you were to show up to Infosec with nothing but the clothes on your back, a phone and a place to stay, how far would you get?

CSX_Certification_Practitioner_042215-(1)First off your going to need something to put all your things in. Now while you could pick up an array of carrier bags around the show floor, we’re really looking for something a bit more durable and practical. That being the case CSXP is who you’re after, with a great orange and blue duffel bag that’ll hold the rest of what you’ll need.

ciscoNext we’re going to need a change of clothes. Don’t worry however as the stalls at Infosec have your back, literally. Many of the stalls have branded t-shirts that they are more than happy to give away. Next you’ll need a spare change of socks Cyber Combat has you covered on this one with a great pair of security branded socks. If you fancy letting your feet breath however, don’t worry, Infosec’s got you covered there too with Cisco giving away free flipflops to visitors of their stall. If you thinking of a wounder around London but the British ‘sun’ is getting in your way you’ll want to pick up a trilby from White Hat security, a pair of stylish sunglasses from Alienvault and an electronic fan from Sophos.

photoNow your phone, sadly you’ve been watching hackers, Fifth Element and House Of Cards on Netflix on the train up to London and your battery’s fried. No need to panic as several stall’s like: Dell – Secure Works, Teramind and Sumerian are giving away free power packs to bring your device up to capacity. Now you’r phones got power again we all know you’r going to go back to Netflix and finish your show, to finish them Firemon have you covered with a great stylish pair of orange earphones.

rapid7So half way though day one you get hungry. That’s no good, let have a check who’s offering food. ESET have a great range of sweets, like their cupcakes and chocolate treats. If that’s not your thing you can pick up a mint selection from Corero. Don’t worry when you get parched just stop by at Rapid7 for a bottle of beer and a buffey selection. As well as that grab an array of teas and coffes from stalls on the convention floor. Now this isn’t nutritious by any means and we’re sure by day three you’ll be craving a hot meal and a cool refreshing beverage but we never said this would be easy.

So, did you survive Infosec 2016 with just the clothes on your back, some accommodation and an uncharged phone? Well possibly, you might be a bit hungry, smelly and you’re underwear is probably a few days old but you’ve made it. I want to thank all of the great stalls at Infosec 2016 this week not just for the swag they were giving out but for also  for holding some great conversations with myself and other smaller press publications. A special shout out to the Hacking Insider crew that helped write this article, detailing the merchandise they picked up during their stay at London. Specifically Jordan Williams who outdid us all.

Did we miss any of your favorite pieces of merchandise from the show? let us know below.

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