The language of security, Dr Jessica Barker

Dr Jessica Barker by @__Freakyclown__

Yesterday Dr Jessica Barker, a security consultant and sociology expert, performed a talk at BSides London. Her talk, called ‘Cyber by any other name would smell as insecure’, was designed to focus on the terminology used in the field of cyber security and how popular usage depicts how others see the industry.  Following a similar note to previous talks, by Dr Jessica Barker, her talk at BSides London continued the trend of working with people outside of the industry and to enforce change and a broader security knowledge.

Terminology was the focus of this talk with Jessica easing the crowd in with a debate between the terminology used inside of the industry. Jessica recently took to Twitter to ask the question:

Jessica also performed a survey on individuals outside of the industry with the result depicting that 34.8% of people chose the term Cyber Security to answer a very similar question. What this shows us is that, while people in the industry think Cyber Security is a less favorable term for the field, individuals outside of the industry felt the opposite. Jessica commented:

The general public relate to cyber. It’s made it through the barrier… There is a gap between what we relate to and what they,[the public], hear.

Language naturally evolves, when we say something it is always ambiguous. Everything relying on shared knowledge. [We need to] see this as an opportunity to shape cyber into what it means

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