Study reveals, 25% of people would carry on using a company after a breach

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Recently Centrify, a leader in securing enterprise identities, released a study. It revealed that 75% of people in the UK would cancel their membership with an organisation if it was hacked. This suggests that a quarter would carry on using that company, despite the security risks to both personal and financial information.

Bill Mann, Chief Product Officer at Centrify, commented:

“If three-quarters of customers are prepared to walk away from a business if it has been compromised, then what kind of message is this sending to those organisations? We would say that it is a very clear call to action to those businesses to sort out their processes and do everything they can to protect confidential customer information.

When companies put customer data at risk they are really putting their entire business at risk. People simply will not tolerate doing business with potentially risky organisations, so it’s time for them to take full responsibility for their security and put the proper measures in place once and for all.

Centrify recommends these four tips  for mitigating data breaches.

  1. Use good password hygiene. Do not use the same or similar passwords across multiple accounts. Also don’t use personal information or easily guessed words in a password.
  2. Never hand out personal or financial details to those sending emails asking for them, even if they look genuine.
  3. Make sure when dealing with private or personal information to be using HTTPs (Look out for a padlock symbol).
  4. Use dual-step verification on your online accounts. Services like Google, Twitter, Facebook and many others offer these services.

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