Why you need a fault tolerant system, even in football

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Mobilise_Logo-small-e1465320107181Yesterday at the AWS South Wales User Group, James Carnie at Mobilise performed a talk. The talk centered on Mobilise’s journey in facilitating the first Wales league website since 1958.

The talk started with an anecdote on how the company used the AWS infrastructure to work with the Cardiff Devil’s. Cardiff Devils being Cardiff’s Ice Hockey team. They did this by making their website fault tolerant in the cloud. The team’s manager had asked Mobilise to stop their website from ‘falling over’. After trying an array of possibilities Mobilise landed on using AWS’ Cloud Front solution.


Moving to more recent work, Mobilise was confronted by a new proposition. This time to set up a website with an unknown user base and unknown traffic. That’s right, this time, it was the Welsh website used during the previous football league. This being the first time Wales had qualified since around 1958, the traffic that would hit the site was completely unknown. The company following suit, from their Cardiff Devils’ deployment, set up an infrastructure that would survive a barrage of traffic. Using AWS technology the website peaked at 1.3 million requests and only cost the company around $300 (US Dollars) across the torment.

James concluded the talk by discussing how, while possible to upgrade the box used for the deployment, the software used would not have scaled appropriately. In turn using AWS tools such as Cloudfront was the only option.

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