KrebsOnSecurity put to standstill by record DDOS attack

On the 20th of September Brian Krebs, an investigative journalist, took to Twitter. He reported that his website, ‘KrebsOnSecurity‘, had been hit by a record breaking DDOS attack.

The website in question is a well known website in the field of cyber security. Bearing that in mind there are still many in hacker groups and circles that believe Brian’s work to be disingenuous.

The website was hosted with Akamai, a content delivery network and cloud services provider. In turn it was using Prolexic a DDOS mitigation platform, now part of Akami.

Brian Krebs further posted, on the 22nd of September, that ‘KrebsOnSecurity‘ would be offline for the near future.  He later commented that he did not blame Akamai for this as “they were providing [this] service pro bono”.

Attacks such as this are most commonly used as a smoke screen for other, more sophisticated, attacks. Now only time will tell for if anything got under the radar during these attacks.

James Stevenson

Im a Cyber Security enthusiast that loves all things to do with technology. I'm specifically interested in cyber security and ethical hacking.

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