Two Security Tools To set Up On Your Ubuntu Box

Now the question that you may be thinking at this moment is: “Can Ubuntu and other Linux operating systems get viruses?” Now you may be surprised to know that they can, infact they can get some pretty serious pieces of malware. At this point I feel its necessary to say that each and every operating system out there can get viruses and get hacked in one way or another no matter how secure the creator believes  it to be.

As we know Antivirus software is an essential piece of  software for all computer networks and is the backbone to preventing any malicious software from attacking your computer. There are many so called antiviruses out there but the one I have found most reliable and effective is  called ClamTK, this piece of software can be downloaded on the Ubuntu store. To correctly implement this piece of software after installation you must go into the “Preferences” tab at the top of the program and change all of your scanning preferences (It will scan the best if they are all selected). After this once you select the “Home” tab again the software will then scan your computer (or at least the ubuntu partition) for malicious threats.

The main purpose for a firewall is to prevent and restrict access to you computer through its ports. There are several different types of firewalls out there for Ubuntu but the one that seems to be superior to the rest is Firestarter.. Firestarter will allow you to restrict and monitor all access to your computer. Just like ClamTK Firestarter can be installed through the Ubuntu store.

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