Two Steps In Setting Up A Virtual Machine

Installing A Virtual Machine:

To start lets download our virtual machine. For this I used VMware as I get it for free on my university course. While if your not in the same boat as me then you can try out the Oracle Virtual machine software which is just as good and free. If you are a student and think you might be able to get VMware then try this following Website. The installer for VMware is simple and simply involves pressing next over and over again. Downloading may take a while so while your virtual machine downloads lets move onto our next step.

Downloading An Image:

Now we need to install our operating system to run on our virtual machine. Once again as I am a student I can gain access to windows operating systems for free off Dream Spark although if you don’t have access to this then you can always install a free operating system on your virtual machine like Ubuntu.
So after what felt like forever you’ve finally got your Image, now what do you do? Well now we need to integrate the two. After A bit of though I will probably make another tutorial on how to install the Oracle virtual machine and use Ubuntu on it. That being the case in this tutorial I am going to show you how to integrate your windows image with you VMware virtual machine.

First things first we simply need to open VMware and start a new virtual machine, if you are using the same version of VMware as me then your screen should currently look like the following.vm2

Next we need to locate our image that we just downloaded. We could technically burn this image to a disc and then put it on our virtual machine but that’s more for if you bough a Disc version of the OS and not if you just downloaded it.

Once you have chosen your Image file you will now have to go through the settings for your virtual machine. For this its probably best to keep most of the settings the same although if you have any special preferences for your machine then you can change them here. Next you will have to enter your information for you virtual machine, you will have to enter a product key for it and a name.

Finally you will be shown your virtual machines specifications. This includes its hard drive, RAM and any pieces of hardware that it has access to. Your screen should look something like the following image.

After this you will be brought to the installer on windows 8 as we have already entered our pin all we need to do is press next and wait… A really long time. The Virtual machine will need to reboot a few times so stay patient and maybe try doing something else while waiting for it to finish installing.

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