Four more Debian commands we should all use more often

Its all about the yes:

The yes command can be used in a range of situations, ranging from scripting to pasting repeating characters to the screen.

yes possibleExtraString


This isnt really a command and more of a keyboard shortcut suggested by one of HackingInsider’s readers. If you want to find a recently entered command and dont want to go searching through your history try this.

Ctrl + r lettersToSearchFor

ASCII Starwars:

So this isnt really a command or useful in almost any manner although if you find yourself with access to a linux terminal and find yourself with a few minutes to spare why not tune into a telnet broadcast of the first few minutes of star wars in ASCII.


Do you have the Linux Factor:

Puns aside, the factor command allows for the quick and easy factoring of numbers. I cant see this command being useful in a whole range of situations but its one of those commands that are good to know that they’re there.

factor numberToFactor

Image Source: Ubuntu
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