Top 3 Gadgets for your Gadgets, and under £30

Amazon Basics Laptop Bag – £29.99:

91koVqsBMuL._SL1500_First things first you’re going to need an awesome bag to keep all of your tech in. There’s a massive range of variety out there, although if its good quality and a lower price you’re after then the Amazon Basic Laptop bag is the one for you. You can pick up the AmazonBasics AB 103 Laptop Backpack for up to 17 inch laptops – Black off Amazon.

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The AB 103 backpack has a multi-compartment design to hold books, folders, accessories, pens, and other items. On the outside of the AB 103, mesh pouches provide storage for water bottles.


Omaker USB Portable Charger – £16.99:

411CNGrBbBL._SL1000_Secondly, now you have a great bag to hold all your tech your going to need some way of charging it all. The Omaker Portable charger allows for exactly that. You can charge two devices at once and it can be anything (as long as you have a USB cable for it). The Omaker can even charge tablets like the iPad. You can currently get the Omaker Premium Sleek Gloss Exterior 10000mAh Brilliant off Amazon.

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Intelligent technology maximizes compatibility with Android,Apple or other devices by enabling charge speeds of up to 2.1 amp with 2x 2.1A USB.


Anker Compact Hub – £13.99:

51OW1J5rooL._SL1000_We’ve all been there, you’re sitting by your computer and go to plug in that one extra USB cable, but oh wait your out of ports. The Anker compact hub like many other hubs solves this problem with an additional 4 USB 3 ports. The Anker Compact Hub doesn’t just solve this problem but it solves it in style with a fashionable design that would fit almost any computer setup. Not only this but it doesn’t even break the bank as you can pick up the Anker AH430 USB 3.0 4-Port Compact Aluminum Hub off Amazon now.

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