Best tech bag for under £30: AmazonBasics

A Breakdown:

91koVqsBMuL._SL1500_The Amazonbasics line holds a grand range of simplified products that for the price are worth a buy. This such product, The AmazonBasics AB 103 Laptop Backpack, is a great example of how these products don’t break the bank but are still a great alternative to more expensive brands.

This bag comes with a whole range of pockets and compartments that can fit almost any type of gadget or peripheral. The bag also fits 17″ inch laptops of which is commonly hard to find in good laptop bags. In the same compartment there is also room for small writing books or a Tablet/ Notebook.

I’ve been using this bag for just over a week now and have been comparing it to several other bags of similar build but with much higher price tags. I can definitely say that the comfort of the bag matches these on par and even with several laptops in the bag (including a camera and other peripherals) there was no sign of stress.

In The Box:

You can currently pick up the AmazonBasics AB 103 Laptop Backpack for up to 17 inch laptops – Black off Amazon right now. As with the rest of the Amazonbasics range don’t expect any additional items in the box as they only come with the bare minimum to keep prices low.

In summary if you’re looking for a strong and durable backpack for work or university, and you don’t mind if its missing all the bells and whistles then this is the bag for you.

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