A day in the life of the Moto360

Smart Watches, they’re everywhere but do we actually need one? The answer’s probably less climactic than you’d like, its a maybe.

I’ve been sporting the Moto360 for several months now and all things considered it’s nothing more than an extension to my phone, its a great extension don’t get me wrong but an extension none the less. If you’re looking for a smart watch that will take place of your mobile then i’m afraid we’re not quite there and probably won’t be for a while.

Day to day I use the Moto360 as a timepiece and nothing more, sure its a timepiece that has to be charged everyday but once you’ve got into the tradition of placing the watch into its stylish dock you’ll end up doing it without thinking. The days where I use the watch the most is when I’m travelling as it means that I can check train times in places I don’t know without reaching for my phone. It also allows me to follow directions without looking like a complete tourist by simply following taps on the wrist.Its also nice to have my phone stuffed in a bag in the middle of lectures and still have a way of receiving text messages and phone calls without everyone around me being notified as well.

The speech recognition on the watch is about average and will pick up most things in quiet to moderate level rooms, although it can get frustrating when it repeatedly miss recognises words.

In summary if I had the choice would I return my Moto360? The answers no, while it has its flaws it’s still an amazing product and will make your life that little bit easier and look good while doing it.

Image source: Motorola

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