Juce, the matchbook emergency charger

IMG_0243We’ve all been there, you’re about to take that shot, check that text or phone your boss and whats that your phone dies. There are several good portable chargers on the market, however Juce, a Kickstarter newcomer on the scene thinks they’ve got a product that stands ahead from the rest.

So what is Juce? Well Juce is a portable charger with a twist. Its the size of a matchbook and has enough power in it to charge the average phone to around 50% of its total charge.  The charger is said to hold a 1200mAh battery and will come 100% pre charged.

Juce have come up with an innovative plan to help their users recycle their old Juce’s. This will work so that consumers can send back their old Juce’s, have them refurbished and then donated to a charity such as the Red Cross.

The creators of Juce also believe it has potential in its broad customizability, they had this to say about the product:

JUCE is fully customizable covering a wide range of possibilities from creative art to corporate branding. Swag bags, business cards, promo items, featured artists, and marketing materials to name a few. The possibilities are endless.

Juce is currently on Kickstarter and launches April the 7th, until then check them out on their Kickstarter page.

James Stevenson

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