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A Breakdown:

syncstop (3)We’ve all seen it in the news: Hacking, Malware, Viruses, you name it these sorts of problems are becoming more and more precedent. SyncStop takes this into their own hands by stopping all accidental data exchange when your devices are plugged in.

These days more and more public locations offer USB charging and its up to you to decide if you really trust one, using a SyncStop you can remove all doubt from the situation as they block the data pins on charging cables and only allow power to flow through.

Xipiter had this to say about SyncStop:

We originally built the first version of SyncStop (called USB Condom) to scratch our own itch. We wanted to minimize risks of charging our mobile devices in public areas. In late 2013 we tweeted about our work and the next morning flooded with emails and calls; we realized we were on to something. Our first production run sold out in a few days and even spawned copycat devices.

There are currently two different types of SyncStop on the market, The Original USB Condom and The SyncStop.  Xipiter offer discount rates for buying large quantities of the USBs, although the USB Condom starts at $4.99 and the Sync Stop starts at $19.99.

In The Box:

Recently the guys at Xipiter sent HackingInsider a sample package of both the USB Condom and The SyncStop.

The USB Condom – The first iteration of SyncStop, offers all of the functionality that its successor does but at a lower price and without the sleek case that the SyncStop carries.

SyncStop – The Successor to the USB condom, it holds the same functionality although in a far more practical casing.

In summary these are great items to have in a side pocket of your bag when travelling to unknown locations, and I can strongly recommend that if you have the money to spare the SyncStop with its sleek case is definitely worth the upgrade.

For more information on the devices or to pick up your own visit the SyncStop Store and Website.

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