Two factor authentication at its best, YubIkey

A Breakdown:

yubikey (1)The YubiKey is a key fob that can be used with supported websites and software applications that accept two-factor authentication. Two factor authentication means that when you log in you will be asked for both your password as well as your YubiKey.

All of the YubiKeys that Yubico supply offer 128-bit AES encryption, the ability to work on almost all operating systems and the benefits of a water and crush proof design. All of the YubiKeys also work without the need of external batteries.

The guys at Yubico had this to say:

Two-factor authentication with a YubiKey makes your login secure and keeps your information private. The YubiKey requires nothing more than a simple tap or touch. There are no drivers or special software needed. You can use your YubiKey on multiple computers and mobile devices, and one key supports any number of your accounts. YubiKeys are nearly indestructible — just add it to your keychain along with your house and car keys.

In The Box:

Recently the guys at Yubico sent Hacking Insider a review copy of their ‘PREMIUM NEO’. There are several other Yubikeys ranging from $18 to $60 and you can find the perfect one for you on their website.

The Premium Neo offers a range of functionality and is the top of their range when it comes to functionality. The Premium Neo supports two factor authentication with services like Gmail (and other google accounts), LastPass and wordpress. As well as this all of the Yubikeys offer functionality with USB support although the Premium Neo also offers NFC support for mobile devices.

In the past few weeks i’ve been testing this with the HackingInsider website and its easy to see that the ability to remove doubt from the situation completely outweighs the fact that you need to have your keychain standing by.

In summary if you’re looking to up your security game and want a streamline device to do so then I strongly recommend having a look at the Yubico range. For more information on the devices or to pick up your own visit the Yubico Store and Website.

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