Shadow IT and Malware signatures with Bitdefender

Today Bo Skeel, Chief Evangelist at Bitdefender, performed a talk on what Bitdefender was doing in the field of Shadow IT. Mr Skeel started his talk by discussing what changes were happening in the field of Corporate IT and listed that both Security Improvements and Virtualization were on the rise. He then went on to discuss how and why workers were moving into Shadow IT. He continued to say:

“Users are coming up with alternatives… We’ve learned from our smart phone marketplaces.” “Cloud isn’t going away, people are using it”

Mr Skeel then went onto discuss that, instead of directly fighting Shadow IT, countermeasures should be put into place. These included:

  • Asset Tracking
  • Common View on Endpoint security
  • Elastic Management
  • Defining BYOD Polices

From this point in the talk Mr Skeel moved into the areas of virus signatures and antivirus protection. In regard to updating virus signatures he went onto say:

“Even [updating] hourly is not enough… Signature based protection is dead… [and its now time to] move to reactional solutions.

Continuing talks Mr Skeel moved the conversation to BitDefenders new tool, Nimbus. He noted that the tool incorporated the following features:

  • 6 Linked Data Centres
  • 7 Million Requests Per Day
  • 80TB of traffic per month (Specifically hashes, machine code and other small data types)

Mr Skeel went onto say:

“[Nimbus is] totally different. [Its] self aware, kind of… [It] comes up with its own decisions without following rule sets… I can’t explain it in a simple sentence but its the heart and soul of BitDefender.”

Image source: BitDefender

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