SyncStop, the Gadget you shouldn’t leave home without

Just recently I took a trip to London, for this trip I was travelling light so a mass of cables was a no-go. What I did bring however was a charger for my phone and a SyncStop.

The phone’s battery life was fairly stable until eventually I reached London and then it started to hit 20%. The hotel however had USB wall adapters which are great although for the security conscious is most notoriously a no-go. Thankfully I had my SyncStop so I could completely remove all doubt that it was malicious.

Eventually my time in London came to an end, however the amount of times I’d pulled out my SyncStop in that 3 day period exceeded a dozen. Overall after the several months that HackingInsider has been testing the SyncStop device, I can defiantly say that it is a device that I always have with me and something that I can recommend to anyone who’s looking to step up their security game.

For more information on SyncStop check out Hacking Insider‘s previous article or the SyncStop website.

James Stevenson

Im a Cyber Security enthusiast that loves all things to do with technology. I'm specifically interested in cyber security and ethical hacking.

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