The state of mobile and the protection of assets

James Naylor, a security evangelist, performed a talk at infosec london yesterday. The talk was called ‘Securing the Mobile User: Have we Really Got it Right?’ It focused on the move to mobile and what needed to be done to make sure security wasnt lost.

The talk started with Mr Naylor discussing his views on the field of commercial IT, he stated:

“The world’s mobilized. Work is something we do, not just somewhere we go.”

Mr Naylor then continued by stating facts that effected mobile users. He noted that not only do 36% of mobile threats steal data, but also that 96% of mobile malware targets Android devices.

Mr Naylor then moved the spotlight to why he believed these security vulnerabilities existed, he noted:

“We’ve shifted from prevention to inevitability… Vendors rush to plug the gaps, the next thing to resolve that security issue.

“We have to go back to the basics, what we’re trying to protect. Its all about the data.”

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