What is technology’s role in the current Threat Landscape

Yesterday Chris Richter, senior vice president of managed security services at Level 3, performed a talk at Infosec London. The talk was called ‘Can Technology Save us from Evolving Cybersecurity Threats?’ The talk revolved around Mr Richter’s personal experiences relating to security and what needed to be done to fix its current path.

The talk started by Mr Richter talking about the current and future threat landscape, he stated:

“We can all agree that it’s not getting better, it’s getting worse… DDOS attacks are not a thing of the past, they’re definitely on the rise… The attackers will still use the old tricks.”

Mr Richter continued the talk by stating the entities that resided in this current and future landscape, Mr Richter came up with the following four broad types of attackers:

  • Hacktivists
  • Organised Crime
  • Nation States
  • Insiders

Mr Richter continued the talk stating several facts including the fact that the average corporate company spends on average 3.5 million on data breaches. Mr Richter also mentioned that 40% of the top 10 breaches were due to lapses in non-technical controls. He continued and noted that 87.5% of medical record breaches were also due to lapses in non-technical controls.

Mr Richter eventually came full circle and once again came to the current threat landscape and technology’s role in it. Mr Richter continued by stating:

“Throwing money and technology at the problem isn’t going to help…  The expense is becoming unsustainable.

Image source: Pixabay.com

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