Top 3 rising technologies

The technology industry is a really great space to be in at the moment. There are loads of emerging technologies as well as some older technologies that are really starting to benefit from technological improvements as well as wider acceptance.

The aim of this article is to highlight the top 3 rising technologies and ones that are likely to grow substantially over the coming years.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has to be the first on the list of rising technologies. Cloud computing is really interesting because whilst the name is relatively new the concept has been around for many years. Cloud computing has its foundations in distributed computing and is really just a term to explain the use of many computers to deliver a singular service. The cloud part of the name is used to personify the expandable and limitless nature of this type of computing as well as the way it can be used to deliver services remotely. Cloud computing is a really good example of a technology that has been around for ages but is now beginning to benefit from both improvements in surrounding technologies (such as broadband) and acceptance from the consumer.

Internet of things

The Internet of things is another rising technology that is new but is expanding rapidly and over the coming years will likely be as commonplace as the internet is now. The Internet of Things is a term used to describe the idea of everything being connected to the Internet such as cars, home utility systems, watches and other more mundane items such as shoes and car tires.

Two factor authentication

Two factor authentication is a less talked about technology but one that is coming a very important facilitator for other technologies such as the ones mentioned previously in this article. Two factor authentication is the term used to describe a method of user authentication that involves several different means. The most common tend to be a password (Which we are all used to using) and then an additional requirement to enter a randomly generated number from an external device. This number is often sent via text, email or through a mobile app. Two factor authentication provides far more security than a standalone password and as more and more devices and services are connected via the Internet this is becoming extremely important.

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