What is Alert Logic Cloud Defender

Cloud Defender is a package by Alert Logic that comprises their three key services: Alert Logic Log Manager, Alert Logic Web Security Manager and Alert Logic Threat Manger.
The package, supplied on a pay as you go basis, can be used on premises or on the cloud and is monitored by security experts which in turn provide continues protection.

Alert Logic Threat Manager:

The threat manager component of Cloud Defender boasts the ability to identify suspicious network traffic without the need for any business disruptions at all. The service also allows for the detection of threats and data ex-filtration on your business and corporate networks. One of the key selling points of this portion of the service is that it is monitored in real time by security professionals to monitor and escalate security incidents effecting your business as they appear in real time.

Alert Logic Log Manager:

The Log manager portion of Cloud Defender allows for the collection, aggregation and normalization of logs for easy searching and long term storage by your organisation. This in turn means that using such services would provide you with an in depth view of all of the activity effecting your business’ environment.

Alert Logic Web Security Manager:

Concluding with the third part of Alert Logic Cloud Defender, this being Alert Logic Web Security Manager. The service offers a Web Application Firewall with the ability to detect web application attacks without disturbing business availability. What this means is that it will prevent or detect (Depending on if your service is in-bound or out-of-bound) all of the OWASP Top 10 web attacks and can assist in the identification of Advanced Persistent Threats or APTs.

That’s been a run down on the Alert Logic Cloud Defender suit. For more information on Alert Logic and the services they provide find them at AlertLogic.com.

Image source: Alert Logic

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