Laptops shipping with rogue root certificates

"Dell laptops are shipping with at least one, and now likely two,rogue root certificates"

In response to the news of laptops shipping with rogue root certificates Tod Beardsley, a Security Engineering Manager at Rapid7, made a statement, he stated:

“The news that some Dell laptops are shipping with at least one, and now likely two,
rogue root certificates represents a potential security breakdown in the process of
laying down the factory operating system image on new laptops for consumer use.
Users are urged to contact their support representatives for instructions on how to
remove these rogue certificates.

End users rely on factory images of operating systems to be reasonably secure by
default; the act of reinstalling an operating system from original sources is often
beyond the technical capabilities of the average end user. Dell has the opportunity
today to move quickly and decisively to repair the damage, revoke the rogue
certificates, and avoid a replay of the Superfish scandal from earlier this year.
Responding quickly will be especially important ahead of the Christmas shopping
season, as people take advantage of special end of year pricing on new laptops for
themselves and their families.”

Image Source: Pixbay

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