Great sound at a slim form factor, the UE Boom

The UE Boom is a streamline speaker that will fill a room with both smooth and crisp audio. It  offers 360 degree audio and can also be paired with multiple other UE Booms for full surround sound, this can be done with a few clicks after using the device’s custom mobile application.

The UE Boom also sports a chassis with IPX4 waterproofing and a shock resistant design. The Bluetooth range varies to 15 meters and the device itself can be picked up with one hand, being 18cm high with a 6.5cm diameter.

Its a great device for dropping in a backpack and taking with you while also looking at place in almost any home.

You can grab a UE BOOM 2 Wireless Mobile Speaker for yourself off Amazon for a great price right now.

Image Source: UE

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