Why to move over to Linux


Security has always been one of the main benefits of using the Linux operating system – Linux is built on a far more secure framework than other operating systems – especially when compared to Microsoft Windows.

Open Source:

Because Linux is built on open source technologies it is a very flexible operating system that is being built upon constantly. The open source nature of Linux means that anyone with the desire to can get involved in helping to improve the operating system and this means that new features (As well as security enhancements) are being added all the time.


Linux is, for the most part, a completely free operating system choice for the end user which is a massive reason to use it over other OS choices. As more and more software services move to a cloud based delivery model it is likely that using Linux as the desktop operating system will become the more popular choice for this very reason – especially as software packages such as office become less dependent on the client OS.

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