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Yesterday Mikko Hypponen performed at talk at Infosecuirty Europe 2016, called ‘Profiling The Connected Cyber Criminal’. Mikko, the self proclaimed ‘hacker hunter’ has been working with F-Secure for the past 25 years and has recently begun volunteering at the Internet Archive in their ‘Malware Museum’.

Everything old is new again, and everything that is old has come to byte us.”

Mikko started by uttering these few words. He furthered his point by walking through a timeline of Malware through the ages. Going from the ‘Aids Information Trojan’ to the more recent ‘Petya Trojan’. Mikko brought comparisons between the two, depicting that while currency and other factors have change that as a whole they were almost identical. Continuing on the note of old being new Mikko moved the conversation to Microsoft Word Macro Viruses. He specified that how in 1997 the problem was fixed and Microsoft disabled macros in their products. This being the case however Microsoft now allows for macros to be re-enabled by selecting the ‘Enable Content’ button when prompted. Mikko then explained several social engineering attacks to manipulate individuals in clicking  such prompts.

This prelude lined Mikko up to then speculating on how the world of war, or in this case cyber war, is also reiterating its past. He stated:

The fog of cyber war comes from us not knowing the capability of our competition. Nuclear weapons were mostly used as a deterrence, and had only truly been used twice, letting us know who not to mess with. We don’t have that information for cyber attacks.

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